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General English courses


Pre-IELTS course

The Pre-IELTS course is a program designed to bridge your language gaps and prepare you for IELTS. A minimum pre-intermediate level is required to start the Pre-IELTS course.

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General English

General English is a program intended for those who want to learn English from scratch, as well as those who have a certain foundation in general english and want to improve their language level

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Speaking Lessons

Speaking Lessons-The program for those who want to learn English by only speaking

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IELTS courses, IELTS lessons

The IELTS Course is a program for those who want to study and work abroad. IELTS, an international language certificate, is required for admission to many foreign colleges and universities. If you are

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IELTS Writing Marathon

Considering that you can only take the IELTS exam on one section where you are weak, we have a great opportunity for our students who want to improve only the writing section!

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You can be your own Guiding star with our help